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Food Therapy

Good food is as satisfying as a good sale. So from time to time (probably more than that because I'm a foodie and I love to eat), I'll be providing some food therapy. Be forewarned, I'm an adventurous eater with a HUGE sweet tooth. If you're in NYC, I hope you try some of these spots. If you do, LMK what you think. Bon appetit!

Video Reviews

While picture reveals of bags are nice. Video reviews of bags are better! As such, I will endeavor to post as many video reviews of bags as possible. However, I will only be reviewing bags that I like. Life is too short to review bags that I dislike. Plus, at the end of the day, it really is just a matter of personal opinion/taste.


Food Therapy: Pocha 32

I wasn't so impressed with Korean spicy stew the first time I tried it but with Meh in town, Big Buddha and Foodette insisted that Pocha 32 was THE place for Korean spicy stew.  And they were right!!

Yes - it's not much to look at and the ceiling has this weird green netting, but the food is FANTASTIC!!  I now LOVE Korean spicy particular, I love the Army stew.  It's the stew on the right.  The dish on the left is clam soup; a good palate cleanser after the spicy Army stew.

What's in the Army stew?  Many many things that you wouldn't think would go together but they do.  It includes, but is not limited to, Spam, hotdogs, cheese, ramen noodles, scallions, tofu and chili paste (that's where the red color comes from).  But don't be fooled - it's not super spicy.  It has just the right amount of kick to it.  You'll be reaching for your water but you won't be gulping it.

I know that it's heating up in NYC and this is winter food, but I'm going to have to go back with Sunshine before it gets really hot.  It's that good!

We also ordered the seafood pancake.  It makes a satisfying appetizer and one order was larger enough for all of us.

Pocha 32 is located 15 W 32nd St (b/w 5th & Broadway), NY, NY.  As an fyi, it's on the second floor so don't be looking for a street level restaurant.  Look for a door.

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