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Food Therapy

Good food is as satisfying as a good sale. So from time to time (probably more than that because I'm a foodie and I love to eat), I'll be providing some food therapy. Be forewarned, I'm an adventurous eater with a HUGE sweet tooth. If you're in NYC, I hope you try some of these spots. If you do, LMK what you think. Bon appetit!

Video Reviews

While picture reveals of bags are nice. Video reviews of bags are better! As such, I will endeavor to post as many video reviews of bags as possible. However, I will only be reviewing bags that I like. Life is too short to review bags that I dislike. Plus, at the end of the day, it really is just a matter of personal opinion/taste.


Food Therapy: Ippudo (Ramen Noodle)

I love ramen and I've tried a good amount of the ramen spots in the city.  There's only one ramen spot that I keep going back to and that's Ippudo.  There's something about Ippudo's broth that's addictive.  I always order the same ramen dish.  To me, ramen doesn't get much better than the Akamaru Modern!

Here's the description straight from the menu: "The original tonkotsu soup noodle with Ippudo's special sauce, miso paste and fragrant garlic oil; pork chashu, 1/2 seasoned boiled egg, beansprouts, kikurage & scallions."

Sunshine has picked up my bad habit of wanting to try everything on the menu at a restaurant (which is why I adore tasting menus, tapas and dim sum!).  And since the appetizers at Ippudo are very tasty, we always end up getting a few (okay, a bunch).  The last time we went, we ordered these hot appetizers (and they all rocked!):
  • Bakurtsu Tofu:  Spicy tofu and ground pork in a hot pot.  This dish is soup-like and comes very hot (as you can tell from the steam).  It's one of those dishes that gets better with each bite.  We get this appetizer almost every time we dine at Ippudo.
  • Shrimp In Mayo Sauce:  Shrimp fritters in japanese mayo sauce.  I LOVE Kewpie Mayo (it's slightly sweet and a teeny tangy), so anything fried and slathered with Kewpie Mayo is good in my books!
  • Kakuni With Onsen Tamago:  Braised pork belly with poached egg.  If you like pork belly, you will come back for this dish.  The pork belly is braised in a sweet soy-based sauce and just melts in your mouth.  You can just ignore the poached egg.  We do.
  • Hirata Chicken Wings:  Fried chicken wings in a black pepper sauce.  Don't be fooled by the black pepper in the sauce.  The sauce is both sweet and spicy.  These are really good wings but overpriced at $7 for 3 pieces.  Still, we get them because they're really good!

Yes, that's a lot of food for two people.  Don't worry, we were joined by Sunshine's cousin that night!  The plum wine is also great at Ippudo!  Ask for the least sweet one (because plum wine can get really sweet, even for me)

Ippudo is located at 65 4th Ave (between 9th & 10th St), NY, NY  10003.  This place does NOT take reservations and gets packed by 6:30 pm.  I suggest that you go either very early or very late.  Doors open for dinner at 5:00 pm. Five Fab Finds

Take advantage of's 20% off code "APRILSHOWER" for your next purchase!  I'm currently still dress-obsessed, so here are five fab finds (and yes, three of them have a print/pattern!):  (Prices reflect 20% discount)
  • Tart Amber Dress ($104) in navy/white:  This dress makes me want to go on a cruise or go to the beach.  I need to book a vacation soon...
  • Corey Lynn Calter Devon Dress ($123.20) in graphite:  The print and the colors just work...and the result is that you'll look effortlessly cool.
  • Jenny Han Cowl Arm Feather Print dress ($128) in pink/black: The back of the dress is what does it for me.  I like the way the cowl arms reveal the back of the shoulders and the feather design draws the eye down spine to the [apple] bottom [jeans].  (If you got that joke, then we must like the same music!  Ha!)
  • Holly Morgan T-Back Dress ($96) in black:  When you can't figure out what to wear for a night out on town, grab this dress.  You can't go wrong with a LBD.
  • Amanda Uprichard Dynasty Dress ($163.20) in navy:  This is my kind of dress because you can dress it up or down.  Wear these with flats and you're ready to hang on a saturday afternoon.  Wear these with heels and you're ready for dinner/drinks later that night.
[Images Courtesy of]


Random Thought: Working On My Fitness..

I joined the gym yesterday.  I hope this motivates me to workout more.  I've been running outside as of late but the rainy days really throw off my running routine.  (Have you been gearing up for bikini season?)

Random Thought: The Doggie Song

My brother created a song for our doggies, Mr. Max and Mr. Foo Foo.  Now I can't stop singing the darn thing!  I'm going to save your ears and not post a video of me singing it, but here are the lyrics:

(In a sing-song tune)  Do you like treats?  Treats to eat...for doggies?

(In a Mr. Roger's happy inquiring voice)  Do you like treats?  Treats to eat?  For doggies?

I would like to point out that my entire family is singing this song throughout the day, and the dogs go nuts because they know at the end of the song, they'll get a treat.

Hang Ten: Part Deux

I actually managed to mosey my way to a Kohl's to check out their Hang Ten collection (if you don't know Hang Ten, read my 1st post:  Hang Ten: No Longer Just In Asia, Now Available In The States!).  I was very Very VERY disappointed.  It was a small and rather juvenile collection in the Juniors' section.  It's been many moons (too many to think about) since I've shopped in a Juniors' section and I won't ever be going back!  I found the following romper (on sale for $, I know) in navy that would have been cute if (a) I was 10 years younger or (b) it was at least 1 inch longer:

Here's a close-up of the front:

Dressing Appropriately For Work...

Ever since business casual went from a Friday-only policy to a Monday-Friday policy, the line between acceptable and unacceptable became a little fuzzy for women...especially during the summertime.  As workplaces become more business than business causal these days, it's more important than ever that you dress appropriately for work this Summer.  You don't want to be that girl.  KWIM?

That, however, does NOT mean that you have to look stuffy or non-stylish.  Check out the San Sebastian Dress ($139.20, after 20% discount) in black from Suzabelle:
  [Image Courtesy of]

It's both chic and appropriate for the office.  This silk dress is available at for 20% off (use code "DRESS").  The code expires on 4/25/10 (sun) and works on all dresses (except for Gold Hawk, James Perse, T by Alexander Wang and Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent).

Food Therapy: Blue Print Cleanse...Not For Me. caught me.  In a misguided attempt to lose weight, I will admit that I've tried Blue Print Cleanse.  It's a juice detox system where you drink 6 bottles of raw fruit/veggies juice a day in lieu of eating.

It interesting experience.  I don't know how it's possible but I felt both energetic and light headed simultaneously.  And I don't care what anyone else says, the juices do not fill you up!  I was hungry all the time; maybe that accounted for my lightheadedness?

There are three levels of detox.  Stupidly, I went for "Excavation" rather than "Renovation" or "Foundation".  Excavation is the expert level of juicing...whatever that means.  With Excavation, you get 4 green veggie juice bottles, 1 spicy lemonade bottle and 1 cashew milk bottle.

At first, the green veggie juice tasted disgusting but after two days, they weren't so bad.  In fact, after my 3-day detox, I kinda craved veggie juice for a little while (a very little while).  The spice lemonade was meh.  But the cashew milk...oh my!  

You are instructed to drink the cashew milk at the end of the day, and let me tell you, I thought about cashew milk ALL day long.  It kinda tastes like almond milk (vanilla flavored) with some sesame powder?  I'm not sure how to describe it but it's darn good.

So did I lose weight?  I think I lost a pound.  And yes, I did feel somewhat more energetic.  

Was it worth it?  I think not.  I don't ever want to feel that constant low-level hunger again!  I'll just stay on the treadmill/elliptical a little longer.

Plus, when you do Blue Print Cleanse, you need to be near a bathroom (ahem) constantly.

But I won't lie, after spending all that money and effort on a juice detox, I did try to eat healthier for a month afterwards. 

4.22.2010 Sandals Sale! is having a Sandals Sale!  Use code "SANDALS" for 30% off all sandals.  Code expires on 4/25/10 (sun).  I'm hankering after these three gorgeous grey zips sandals:  (I know...I've been on a grey kick lately!)
  • Matt Bernson KM Gladiator Zip Sandal ($122.50) in grey:
  • Cynthia Vincent Murray Zip Sandals ($262.50) in grey:
  • Cynthia Vincent Daryl Zip Wedge ($161) in grey:
[Images Courtesy of]

Food Therapy: Dos Amigas at Dos Toros Taqueria

The other night, Foodette and I had an early dinner at Dos Toros Taqueria.  It's located at 137 4th Ave (at 13th St), NY, NY 10003.  This tiny tacqueria is nowhere as good as the Calexico Food Truck (see my post here:  Food Therapy: Calexico Food Truck), but it's a good option for a quick bite in the neighborhood.

Foodette had two soft tacos:  chicken and steak.  Per Foodette, if you ask for spicy - be prepared for really spicy.  Her chicken soft taco kept her reaching for her soda!

I had a steak quesadilla.  It's not impressive size-wise as...say a Chipotle quesadilla, but it's an acceptable portion.  You won't leave feeling completely full but you won't leave feeling hungry.
The steak was a little chewy but I was so hungry that day that anything would have tasted good!  I may have to go back again (in a less hungry state) to give an objective review.

Loehmann's: Weekend Coupons

Loehmann's has send out two "meh" coupons for this weekend: a "$10 off $50 purchase" coupon and a "$25 off $100 purchase" coupon.  The coupons expire on 4/25/10 (Sun).  I prefer percentage off coupons because the more you go over the $50 and the $100 thresholds, the less of a percentage discount you're getting.  I end up wandering the store looking for items that total $50 or $100.  What...a waste of time!  But if you already know what you want and you can use the coupon(s) this weekend, kudos to you!  :)

Click here for the coupons:  Loehmann's Weekend Coupon.

White + Warren: All-Season All-Stars!

When I start talking about White + Warren, I gush...especially when it's sample sale time!  But if you can't make it to a sample sale, usually has a great sale section.  Cashmere and/or cotton scarves, wraps, cardigans, sweaters...I love them all!  But since it's spring (and soon-to-be summer!), I've chosen 3 sale items that you can use now (and then through fall/winter):
  • Pima Cotton Travel Wrap ($49) in royal plum (slate, emerald green and tumeric are also available):  I love this wrap in royal plum...such a pretty deep purple!!
  • Cashmere Cocoon Shrug ($79) in dusty lilac (moss and mustard are also available):  This is a great alternative to a wrap when attending a wedding or dinner.  You don't have to worry about it falling off your shoulders!
  • Cashmere Curve Hem Cardigan ($154) in flaxseed hth (watermelon, macadamia hth and black are also available):  This cardigan would come in handy during the summer when traveling (cold planes) or at work (cold offices)!
[Images Courtesy of White + Warren]


Random Thought: How Easily Swayed Are You By Mod Shots?

I fell in love with a Walter dress when I viewed it on  And I promptly fell out of love with the same dress when I viewed it on  How easily swayed are you by mod shots?  Do you imagine how the item would look on you or do you just want it because of the mod shot?  Apparently, I'm more of a visual person than an imaginative one. Dressing In Velvet is currently offering 30% off all Velvet items (use code "VIPVELVET").   This code expires on 4/23/10.  Velvet is great for tees, shirts and dresses.  Their clothes are comfy chic and effortlessly cool staples for your wardrobe.  More importantly, the prices are pretty reasonable.  I'm really liking these three dresses: (prices reflect 30% discount)
  • Rainbow Dress ($66.60) in haze:  This dress is just asking to be worn on the weekend.  It looks so comfy that it makes me want to take a nap!
  • Lolita Lace Trim Dress ($75.60) in sesame:  This dress is super cute with the unexpected lace detailing in the back!  And the light pink/taupe color adds an air of sexy but sweet innocence to it:  Lolita indeed.
  • Stacy Dress ($84) in coal:  I like the stud (?) detailing going down each sleeve.  It adds a little twist to an otherwise basic dress!
[Images Courtesy of]

Bloomie's: You've Redeemed Yourself!

A month ago, I posted a terrible customer service experience with Bloomie's Soho (to read, click here:  Bloomie's Dilemma: Purchase From SA With Bad Attitude?.  Well today, Bloomie's Soho, you've redeemed yourself through a fantastic SA in the shoe department!  Here's what happened:

It's Private Sale at Bloomie's right now and on top of the Private Sale discount (which varies from department to department), they've brought back the superb $25 off every $100 promotion.  Since I have a Bloomie's gift card that needs to be used, I decided to look for sandals on  (The problem with department store gift cards is that they can only be used in-store and on-line.  You can't do a charge-send with a gift card.)

I found Dolce Vita's Risa wedge that I've been eyeing, but I wanted them in pewter/dark silver and only the metallic pink/lighter silver version is available on  I wasn't sure if the lighter silver version would work for me.  Also, I would need to buy a second pair of shoes to hit the required $250 threshold to get the on-line 20% discount AND pay for shipping.  Neither appealed to me, since I currently only want one pair of sandals and I dislike paying for shipping unless absolutely necessary.  

I decided to take a leap of faith and call Bloomie's Soho.  Well...that was a fantastic leap and I now have renewed faith in Bloomie's CS.  (Since charge-send isn't an option and I can't make it to Bloomie's Soho this week, I was going to forgo using my gc.)

The fantastic SA in the shoe department not only confirmed that they carried the dark silver Risa wedge in my size (and would apply the Private Sale discount and $25 off every $100 promotion), she also confirmed that when I go to pick-up the wedges next week, she would refund the amount on my cc and charge my gc!! doesn't get much better than this!  This is the kind of CS that I expect from Bloomie's.  She is going to be my go-to Bloomie's SA from now on. 

I haven't actually tried on the Risa wedge yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they fit and are comfy...

Food Therapy: O.M.G.!!! Coffee with....

For some unbelievable reason, we ran out of sugar this morning.  (I have a GINORMOUS sweet tooth, so this is a huge shocker to me.  I track the sugar level in the house pretty tightly.)  This left me with coffee and milk...but I need sugar with my coffee so I had to think of something quick!  As some of you know, I can't function properly without coffee in the morning.  So what's a girl to do?

Necessity really is the mother of invention.  I grabbed a packet of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa (I buy Swiss Miss for this reason: Eating Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa) and mixed it into my coffee.  It was DELICIOUS!!  Instant mocha-coffee!!  This may be my new coffee of choice!  :)  Try it...I think you'll love it too!  I'm going to be happy all day (and drinking this all day)...

Calypso - Let's Skirt Around!

I've been looking for sandals/wedges and I like to pair them with skirts.  So I started to look for skirts.  I found these two sweet but flirty skirts on sale at
  • Sweet Tart Ruffle Skirt ($99) in anise (navy and raffia are available):  I especially like this adds a little coquetishness to your outfit...
  • Poufy Party Skirt ($49) in shroom (black is available):  Pair this with a nice top and your ready for work!
[Images Courtesy of]

Next...I'm going to start looking for tops to match these skirts.  Is this how you shop too?  One thing leads to another and suddenly, you've ended up purchasing an entire outfit rather than a single item?


RomyGold: Biker Slash Tote

My heart skipped a beat when I saw RomyGold's Biker Slash Tote ($475) in black!  It's probably too big for me IRL but a girl can dream, right?  Sigh.  For you taller gals, you can purchase this downtown-vibing bag at  Use code "SAVE15" for 15% off.  (I think it's fabulous when you have a bag that's different from everyone else's bags.)
[Images Courtesy of Searle]

Hang Ten: No Longer Just in Asia, Now Available in the States!

For those of you who frequently travel to Asia, you should be familiar with Hang Ten.  Just like you should be familiar with Giordano, Bossini, and G2000.  You really can't miss these Gap/Hollister/Banana Republic-like ubiquitous stores in Asia...especially in Hong Kong.

I was very surprised to learn that you can now purchase Hang Ten in the States through Kohl's.  I've never shopped at Kohl's (it's not a go-to store for me, KWIM?), but I may have to stop by one to check out the Hang Ten line.  I have fond memories of shopping at Giordano, Bossini, G2000 and Hang Ten.  Now if they would only bring Watson's to the States...

Lord & Taylor's F&F Sale: 04/21/10 - 04/25/10

Ok...I will admit that I usually don't shop at Lord & Taylor, but after persuing, they're now stocking several designers/brands that I like:  Dolce Vita, Cythia Vincent, Hard Tail, Hunter, Linea Pelle, Spanx and Wacoal.

L&T's F&F Sale has already begun on-line (use code "FRIENDS") and will begin in-stores tomorrow (4/21/10).  It's 25% off almost everything (Uggs are exlcuded but Hunters are included) and 10% off cosmetics/fragrances.  This F&F sale ends on 4/25/10.

For the in-store coupon, click here:  L&T F&F Sale.

Random Thought: Logging-In To Multiple Gmail Accounts

Dear Google,

Why can't I log-in to multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously?  It's a PITA to log-in and log-out of my different Gmail accounts.


Sale Therapy

Bloomingdale's: It's Private Sale Time!

Bloomingdale's Private Sale is happening now until 4/22/10 (thurs).  And...they've brought back the $25 off $100 coupons!  If you didn't receive your booklet via snailmail, fear not.  Most SAs have extra coupons handy.  Did I mention that these coupons are stackable?  So while you may be waiting for Saks' F&F to start this thurs, you just may get a better deal at Bloomie's.  Obviously, the selection at Bloomie's is not quite as good as Saks (especially if you're looking for premium designer sunnies) but it's worth a gander if you're looking for clothes/shoes/bags from contemporary designers.  

To a lesser extent, this sale is also occurring on-line.  If you subscribe to Bloomie's sale e-mails, check your in-box.  There should be a code for an additional $25 off a $100 purchase.  

Food Therapy: Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club

Join Cold Stone Creamery's Birthday Club and get one free "creation" for your birthday!  You can redeem the coupon up to 7 days before your birthday and 7 days after your birthday.  Since my b-day is coming up next month, I'm waiting patiently (fine, you caught me...impatiently) for the coupon.  I'm not sure what my creation will be, but I'm positive that the ice-cream flavor will be cake batter!

Click here to join:  Cold Stone Creamery B-Day Club.

4.19.2010 22% Off Method/Green Works/Better Life!

In celebration of Earth Day (4/22/10), is discounting its "earth friendly" brands by 22% through 4/30/10.  This is an on-line sale only.  It's time to stock up on your household cleaning products from Method, Green Works and Better Life!  Get free shipping with a $25+purchase.

Bonus:  Seventh Generation products are up to 40% off at through 4/23/10.

Bath & Body Works: $10 off $30 Purchase!

I pop into Bath & Body Works every so often to look for a new body wash.  Now they have so many new scents/lines that it's overwhelming to me.  Which one to choose?  Well...I won't have to choose with their new "$10 off $30 Purchase" coupon.  I can get a few, not just one!  I currently really like Moonlight Path, but I think I'm ready for something new...

Click here for the in-store coupon:  Bath & Body Works $10 Off Coupon.

For  Use code "VANILLAS".  (Get free shipping with code "FREESHIP60" for $60+ purchases.)

Target: Cynthia Vincent Sandals

I like that Target collaborates with designers but often, I'm disappointed by the quality of the results.  The preview pictures of the Cynthia Vincent for Target collection showed cute sandals and wedges, so I was hopeful.  The Target near me didn't carry the wedges (boo hoo!!) but they did carry these sandals:
  • Strappy Ring Heeled Sandals ($29.99) in black:

  • Strappy Ring Flat Sandals ($24.99) in yellow and black:

Here's my complaint:  The designs are cute but why the faux leather?  

I would sooo pay double the price for real leather.   I think you can get away with using faux leather on the Strappy Ring Flat Sandals because there's not much to it.  But the Strappy Ring Heel Sandals felt cheap to me because the heels were wrapped in the faux leather.  I have a feeling that I would not like the wedges IRL at all due to the faux leather.

Both sandals were actually pretty comfortable.  Maybe I'll pick up a pair of the Strappy Ring Flat Sandals in black...

Target: Eugenia Kim

I was excited to check out Eugenia Kim's summer hats for Target.  I've been looking for a summer hat (or two) and so far, the only thing that's caught my eye is a wide-brimmed hat from Uniqlo.  There were plenty of styles on display from the Eugenia Kim for Target collection, but they were either too big or too small for my head.  I did find three, however, that fit nicely:
  • 20's Style Straw Cap with Green Trim in natural:
  • Straw Fedora with Sequin Trim ($16.99) in black:
  • Plaid Straw Straw with Blue Trim ($16.99) in natural: 

The straw material is a little thin/flimsy but at these prices, I don't expect to use these hats for next summer.  KWIM?


Video Review: Olivia Harris' Washed Leather Knot Satchel

I am ADORING my Olivia Harris' Washed Leather Knot Satchel!!  So it makes me very happy to finally post the video review of this lovely bag.  I'm now considering getting the black that bad of me?

Food Therapy: Dunkin' Donuts & Amex Blue = $5 DD Gift Cards!

If you're more of a Dunkin' Donuts fan rather than a Starbucks fan, and you have an American Express Blue, this deal is for you!  Make 4 separate purchases at DD in a calendar month with your Amex Blue, and receive a $5 DD gift card in the mail.  This promotion runs through 3/31/2011.  There's one catch:  you must register your Amex Blue for this promotion.  To do so, click here:  DD & Amex Blue Promotion.  (Note:  I think you can earn more than one $5 DD gc per month.  It's not completely clear.)

Give Some, Get Some...

Are you looking a particular style or item? Let me know ( and I will post your request so that everyone can help you find your sale!

Have you seen a style or item on sale that someone else is looking for? Don't be stingy and share the wealth! Let me know so that I can post it.