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Food Therapy

Good food is as satisfying as a good sale. So from time to time (probably more than that because I'm a foodie and I love to eat), I'll be providing some food therapy. Be forewarned, I'm an adventurous eater with a HUGE sweet tooth. If you're in NYC, I hope you try some of these spots. If you do, LMK what you think. Bon appetit!

Video Reviews

While picture reveals of bags are nice. Video reviews of bags are better! As such, I will endeavor to post as many video reviews of bags as possible. However, I will only be reviewing bags that I like. Life is too short to review bags that I dislike. Plus, at the end of the day, it really is just a matter of personal opinion/taste.

6.26.2010 End Of The Season Sale! is having an End Of The Season Sale!!  A huge selection of handbags are now 40 - 50% off!  On top of this lovely sale, get a free gift with purchase (a necklace or leather pouch) when you spend $400+ on sale merchandise (GWP offer expires 6/30/10).

Here are my picks:
  • Botkier Logan Satchel ($375) in black:  This soft lambskin bag is just structured enough that you can take it to work!
  • Botkier Trigger Moto Clutch ($147.50) in silver:  Still looking for a clutch/cross-body bag for  a fun girls' night out?  The Trigger Moto Clutch is a no-brainer.
  • Hayden Harnett Biblio Bag ($334.80) in grape shine:  Yay!!  The Biblio Bag is now on sale!  Save your 40% Survey Discount for another bag (to get AA Survey Discount, read this post: Take Survey & Get 40% Off Code!!). 
  • Linea Pelle Dylan Medium Tote ($249) in espresso:  This is a great price for the Dylan Medium tote.  Grab this soft and smooshy dark brown tote while it lasts!
  • Linea Pelle Dylan Folding Clutch ($97.50) in dark olive:  Sometimes, all you need is a casual clutch/cross-body bag for a day at the park or a stroll around the city.  The Dylan Folding Clutch is a great choice!
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Video Review: Treesje's Runaway Mini

Here's my video review of Treesje's Runaway Mini in black!  It's from Treesje's JETT Collection.  It's a washed lambskin tote with gunmetal hardware (yes, Yes, YES to gunmetal hardware!!).  I know what you're it a zip tote?  There's no zipper for the main compartment but it's not wide open either.  There are three magnetic closures at the top.

Here's a pix of the Runaway Mini (without the shoulder strap):

The leather is crazy soft and smooshy!  This would make a fantastic black tote for Fall, right?  If the Runaway Mini is too small for you (it's 12.5" tall and 11" wide), consider the Runaway (it's 16" tall and 13" wide).  That would be a very stuffable bag! 30% Off All Cross-Body Bags!!

I'm pretty vocal about my current obsession for cross-body bags.  So I'm thrilled about's Cross-Body Bag sale: take an extra 30% off ALL cross-body bags!!  So many to choose from...which ones will make the cut?

These fab four reign supreme for me: (Note:  Price reflect 30% discount.)
  • Rebecca Minkoff Eyelet Rocker ($206.50) in pale grey:  Sometimes leather feels a bit heavy for summer but the combo of pale grey and eyelet detailing lightens things up!  This is such a cute bag!
  • Treesje Jovi Crossbody ($255.50) in viola:   I like that this lilac version of Treesje's Jovi is more pretty than edgy.  It's such a gorgeous shade of light purple!
  • Botkier Venice Feed Bag ($244.30) in naked:  Need a more substantial/functional cross body bag?  Then Botkier's Venice Feed Bag is for you!
  • Rebecca Minkoff Main Squeeze Foldover ($276.50) in pale grey:  This RM bag is for you ladies who like to tote around a little more than you should (that's me!) on the weekends.  Sunshine is always wondering why my bags are so heavy...I don't have a good explanation for him.
[Images Courtesy of] - THE handbag site for coolest designers


Food Therapy: Puff Pastry Pizza??

Trader Joe's is one of my favorite food stores (right up there with WholeFoods).  They always have a unique selection of frozen foods. One frozen item that caught my eye the other day is this Puff Pastry Margherita Pizza:

I adore puff pastry and I adore pizza.  Would I adore a love child of the two?  Sadly, I did not pick it up to try but I can't stop thinking about it.  I will most definitely be taking one home on my next trip to Trader Joe's.  I just hope that the puff pastry is flaky and crispy - not soggy and compressed from the sauce and cheese.  Have you tried this Puff Pastry Margherita Pizza?


Food Therapy: Berries & Cherries!!

Summer means berries, cherries and peaches for me!!  Though it's not yet peach season, it is berry and cherry season!!  How scrumptious does this bowl of strawberries, blueberries and cherries look?   And they taste just as good:  sweet and juicy!  Time for a trip to WholeFoods or the Farmers Market, eh? Slip-Off or Zip-Off? His Choice.

Are slip dresses meant to be slipped off?  If so, then zip dresses surely are meant to be zipped-off...right?  And when you combine the two, what do you get?  Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent's Zip Slip Dress:

[Images Courtesy of CoutureCandy]

This isn't your typical in-your-face sexy LBD.  But if you think about, it can be way more seductive.  You can play with the zipper over drinks (but not too much).  The shoulder strap can slip off and on a little during dinner.  You get the idea.  All you need to do is dress it up with the right heels, purse and jewelry.  

This Zip Slip Dress is what I like to call a "reward/surprise him" dress.  Maybe he did the laundry or maybe he watched SATC2 with's time to reward/surprise him.   It's on sale for $182.40 at via their One-Day Dress Sale (that's today, 6/23).  Take 20% off with code "SUMMER".

The real question is:  Do you think he's a slip-off or zip-off kinda guy?


Calypso: 20% Off In-Store Sale on 6/23 (Wed)

Calypso is having a 20% off in-store only sale on 6/23/10 (wed)!  I love their floaty, perfect-for-the-beach dresses.  Plus, they have a fantastic selection of bags and hats!  If I could make it to the sale tomorrow, I would seriously considering the following Grace Sunhat in natura by Flora Bella for $88 (price reflects 20% discount):
[Images Courtesy of Calypso] Take Survey & Get 40% Off Code!! is running a fantastic survey promotion (Intermix: take note):  take a survey and get a 40% off code for your next purchase (of regular-priced items)!!  The survey must be completed by 6/30/10 and the 40% off code must be redeemed by 7/5/10.   (Tip:  This survey requires you to have an account with  If you're not an existing customer, I suggest you open an account and then take the survey.  This may or may not work for new customers.)

Purple is my FAVORITE color, so I am contemplating using my code for one of these two purple satchels: (Note:  Prices reflect 40% off discount.)
  • Hayden Harnett Biblio Bag ($334.80) in grape shine:  I won't purchase from HH's website due to their notorious shipping/CS issues, but I'm going to give AA the benefit of the doubt and assume that this bag in stock since it's on AA's website.  This bag would make a great work bag that would add subtle pop of purple to your work outfit.
  • Moni Moni Splendor Bag ($297) in black purple:  How great is this deep purple??  This bag would make such a great casual bag.  Though I would remove the dangling heart charm.  It's a bit too girly for me.
[Images Courtesy of]


Food Therapy: Totto Ramen

There's something immensely satisfying about a really good bowl of ramen noodle soup.  No other noodle soup quite hits the same sweet spot for me.  I've been a regular of Yakitori Totto (a Japanese restaurant that specializes in grilled chicken skewers) for years, so of course I was very excited to try Totto's new ramen noodle shop: Totto Ramen (366 West 52nd St (b/w 8th & 9th Ave), NY, NY).

I love trying new restaurants but sometimes, I think I shouldn't go to soft openings because the menu looked like this:

All the side dishes were marked as "COMING SOON".  But you know what?  I went for the ramen, and that's what they were serving.  So I'm not complaining.

Totto Ramen is a very tiny noodle shop: counter seating and a couple of small tables.  It kind of reminded me of Momofuku Noodle Bar when it first opened - it was all about the ramen.
  • It was 2 guys behind the counter preparing your ramen order.  Counter Guy #1 cooked the noodles and readied the bowls.
  • Counter Guy #2 attended the ramen broth that you see in the big pot on the left.  Interestingly, the ramen broth was chicken-based rather than pork-based.  (Upon reflection, it's not so surprising because Totto is known for its chicken dishes.)  As a result, the ramen broth tasted like a cross between regular ramen pork broth and chicken soup.  I think the bigger pot on the right is either broth they were cooking for the next day or vegetarian broth for the vegetarian ramen dishes.
  • I couldn't not post this picture of Counter Guy #2 blow torching char siu pork!

I ordered the Totto Miso Ramen:

It was good but definitely not as good as the Akamaru Modern Ramen from Ippudo (for my Ippudo review, see this post:  Food Therapy: Ippudo Ramen Noodle).  I think Foodette's Totto Spicy Ramen was tastier (albeit slightly oilier due to the spicy oil):

The wait was about 30 mins, though we were quote 45 - 60 mins.  Am I going back? try the side dishes.  Totto Ramen won't be replacing Ippudo for me but it's a welcome addition to Hell's Kitchen.

Banana Republic: Halter Top For Cheap!!

Last week, I did a quick trip to Atlantic City with Meh.  And how could an AC trip be complete without an afternoon of shopping at the Outlets?  I picked up this lovely going-out halter top at the Banana Republic Factory Store:
It was $34.99 but after a 40% off store promotion, it was only $20.99!!  I can't wait to wear this on date night with Sunshine.

Meh and I also found some great buys at the Maidenform Outlet.  If you're looking for some basic unmentionables, this is a great store to visit.  I scored a racerback bra and spanx-like shapewear for $7 each!!  Most items in the store were an additional 50% off.

Atlantic City Tip:  Just because you're not a huge gambler doesn't mean you can't get comp'd at a casino for a free meal.  Make sure you sign up for a casino card before you gamble and make sure you use that card when you gamble (so that you get "rated").  Don't worry about how many points you rack up.  If you play at a table for an hour or so and are nice to the pit boss, they will usually comp you for a free meal if you ask sweetly.  

Give Some, Get Some...

Are you looking a particular style or item? Let me know ( and I will post your request so that everyone can help you find your sale!

Have you seen a style or item on sale that someone else is looking for? Don't be stingy and share the wealth! Let me know so that I can post it.