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Food Therapy

Good food is as satisfying as a good sale. So from time to time (probably more than that because I'm a foodie and I love to eat), I'll be providing some food therapy. Be forewarned, I'm an adventurous eater with a HUGE sweet tooth. If you're in NYC, I hope you try some of these spots. If you do, LMK what you think. Bon appetit!

Video Reviews

While picture reveals of bags are nice. Video reviews of bags are better! As such, I will endeavor to post as many video reviews of bags as possible. However, I will only be reviewing bags that I like. Life is too short to review bags that I dislike. Plus, at the end of the day, it really is just a matter of personal opinion/taste.


Foley + Corinna Sample Sale = Meh (For Me)

I dropped by the Foley + Corinna Sample Sale and walked out empty handed.  Everything just seemed meh to me but I have a sneaking suspicion that I was very turned off by the girls stripping at the back of the store so that they could try on clothes.  There were no changing rooms.

Let me give you a better understanding of the space: it's a long rectangle with the shorter sides being the front of the store (all glass) and the back of the store.  There were no dividers in the store.  The only thing separating these girls and the window was a rack of clothes that was 1/2 populated.  And some were standing half-dressed and gabbing away.  It was just not conducive to shopping.  I think I was scared away!

There were plenty of colors/styles in stock for bags (Mid-City, Decker, Moto Hobo, Jet Setter Jr., Disco City, Delancey, Bender, etc).  In case you were wondering, the Mid-City Tote was only $150.

Siegerson Morrison Warehouse Sale Loot!

Yesterday, I decided to avoid the craziness that is the Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale and opted to check out the Siegerson Morrison Warehouse Sale.  I figured all the girls who would have gone to this sale would be at The Warwick Hotel.  AND...I was right!  Yes! Yes! Yes!

There were plenty of styles and sizes in stock.  More importantly, there was no line and only a handful of ladies there.  Sandals were sweetly priced at $150.  I couldn't resist and picked up two similar but different pairs of sandals:
  • Leather Flats in light brown:  (I know...I've been searching for sandals with a slight heel and these are flats but really, look at them.  How could I resist?  The leather is just so soft and the knotting is so tiny/delicate.)
  • Leather Heels in dark brown:  (Similar but different from the flats, right?  Aren't these TDF?  I'm so going to be wearing some killer dresses with these sexy heels.)

Loehmann's: 15% Off One Regular Priced Item

I'm still hemming and hawing about renewing my Loehmann's Insider Club Gold Membership (read this post: Loehmann's Quandary: To Renew Or Not Renew Insider Club Gold Membership?), and coupons like this weekend's:  Loehmann's 15% Off Coupon, really is not helping my decision.  15% off is nice but an additional 10% off from the Gold Discount would be even better!  That would totally push a maybe buy to a definitely buy.  Wait...that's a bad thing, right?  Right?


Bloomingdale's Score!

Yesterday, I was so excited to pick up my Dolce Vita Risa Sandals that I went to the wrong location!  I ended up at the 59th St Bloomie's and my sandals were waiting for me in Soho.  Not only did I give myself heart palpitations, I gave the nice SA heart palpitations too!  I apologized for my mistake and fled the scene.

Today, I got it right and went to the Soho Bloomie's.  The fabulous SA (read this post: Bloomie's: You've Redeemed Yourself!) was even MORE fabulous today.  But first thing's first, here are my lovely sandals:

The Risa Sandals are super comfy!  I wasn't sure if they were "walking" sandals with the 2" wedge but they are!!  (I actually dropped by the Dolce Vita store today to check out their F&F sale, but not only did they not have this style, the other styles weren't as nice!)  I will be wearing these sandals to death this summer.  A boost in height of 2" makes a huge difference for a shortie like me!

So what made the fab SA even more fab?  Well the right shoe was slightly damaged in the front (the leather was a little scuffed) and these were the last pair.  She offered an additional 10% off to close the deal.  Sold!  I'll take the scuff with the 10% off.  That brought these puppies down to $83.83 from $139! I am a very happy Bloomie's customer.

Wax On, Wax Off!

Once in a very rare blue moon, I am pleasantly surprised with something related to the tortuous but necessary activity know as waxing.  Last week, there must have been a blue moon because I discovered the best hard wax ever!  And this wasn't something that occurred at a salon.  I'll let you in on a little secret:  when it comes to grooming down there, I prefer to do my own bikini line.  It's easier, cheaper and less painful because I use hard wax.  (Now it's confession time and please don't hate me: I have no experience when it comes to waxing my legs because I only have a few strands of hair.  I just pluck them away and I'm good to go for a few weeks.)

I purchase all of my waxing gear at Sally Beauty Supply.  If there's no b&m Sally Beauty Supply near you,  fret not.  Their website ( is fantastic!  If you're looking to buy a lot of stuff, join the Beauty Club Card.  It's costs $5 a year, but you'll save significantly more than that measly membership fee.  All items are priced lower with the Beauty Club Card.

Here's my fantastic find:  clean + easy Acai Berry Full Body Hard Wax!  It's usually $13.99, but it's currently on sale for $10.99.  This jar/tub will last you many waxing sessions.  If you do the math, you end up saving a lot!

The Acai Berry Full Body Hard Wax smells like a berry lotion and melts at a lower temperature than other hard wax that I've used.  I've found that the lower the melting point of a hard wax, the less it hurts. I like using hard wax because I found soft wax (the kind of wax that needs muslin strips) to be messy and hard to use.  With hard wax, you put it on, wait for it to harden and peel it off.  (I know...easier said than done.)

I like using the following pre-wax oil:  GiGi Pre-Epliation Oil.  It's $6.49 but $5.99 with the Sally Beauty Card.

I bought this on a whim and it really paid off.  Not only does the hard wax come off easier, it creates a layer of heat protection between your skin and the wax.  It lessens the pain of "waxing off" significantly!  

Here are the other items you'll need:
  • Wax Warmer:  I like GiGi's Space Saver Wax Warmer because it's much smaller than other wax warmers.  The only downside is that there's no wax temperature controller; you have to monitor the wax temperature yourself.  (NOTE:  ALWAYS test the wax temperature before you use it to prevent burning.  You can also twirl the wax applicator after dipping it in the wax to cool the wax a little.  But if you cool the wax too much, it won't "grab" your hairs.  Practice makes perfect!)  This is usually $24.99 but it's currently on sale for $21.99.
  • Wax Warmer Clean Collar:  You'll need collars to keep your wax warmer clean.  I use GiGi's version because I know that it'll fit my GiGi wax warmer; it's the round collar-like stiff paper that has GiGi written all over it.  It's $5.49 for a pack of 20, $4.99 with the Sally Beauty Card.  Unless you're super messy, they last for quite some time.
  • Wax Applicator:  The wax applicator is basically a larger popsicle stick.  I don't remember which brand I purchased but they're basically all the same and come in a big pack.

Waxing is kind of like shaving:  Apply the wax on in the direction your hair grows.  (Then pull off the wax in the opposite direction - against the direction your hair grows.)  I'd start with small patches until you get the hang of it.  
Tip:  To prevent in-grown hairs, try Tend Skin or Completely Bare's Bikini Bump Blaster.

Borders: 40% Off Your Vacation Reading

If you're not comfortable with carrying your Kindle or iPad to the pool/beach and you still want your chicklit while getting your tan on (that would be me!), Borders is currently offering 40% off the list price of any one book.   This offer expires 5/1/10 (sat).  (NOTE:  You need to be a member of Borders Rewards but membership is FREE!!)  
Use code "BYX7590C" for 

Click here in-store coupon:  Borders 40% Off Coupon.


City Sports:20% Off One Non-Sale Item

I've had a few days to stew over my sneaky sneakers incident (see this post: UMIL: Sneaky Sneakers) and I've decided that the best way to avoid similar incidents is to purchase new sneakers in a completely different color!

I will be taking advantage of City Sport's "20% Off One Non-Sale Item" coupon to purchase my new kicks.  For in-store coupon:  City Sports 20% Off Coupon.

For, use code "MOMDAY" for the 20% discount.

This promotion expires on 5/10/10 (mon).

Loehmann's Quandary: To Renew or Not Renew Insider Club Gold Membership?

The problem with getting something for free the first time around is that it really goes against the grain when you have to pay for it the second time around.  And I'm currently is this situation with my Loehmann's Insider Club Gold Membership.

Last year, when Loehmann's launched the Insider Club Gold Membership, I was given a free one-year membership.  Now that my membership is expiring at the end of the month, I find myself hesitating to renew because certain things have changed since last year.  The two most important changes are the following:
  1. You CANNOT combine your Birthday Discount with your Gold Discount.  (That really sucks in a major way!)
  2. You cannot combine certain coupons with your Gold Discount.  (And those coupons tends to be the really good ones!)
So maybe I'll let the membership expire and sign-up again in June?  Next month is by B-Day month, so I won't need a Gold membership.  What would you do?

The Body Shop: 50% Off Sitewide (04/28/10)

The Body Shop is having a 50% off sitewide sale today (04/28/10) only.  There's one little catch - you have to purchase a $5 gift container.  Spend $5 to get 50% off?  That's a pretty good deal.  This is great timing for Mother's Day!  Fill the gift container with your mom's favorite The Body Shop products and presto: you have a fantastic Mother's Day gift!  (And you get to stock-up on your own favorite products!)

Click here: April 28th Only! Spend $5 on our gift container and receive 50% OFF your entire order at The Body Shop. Shop Now>

My Potential Alternative To Flip-Flops?

I dropped by Lord & Taylor last week for their F&F sale.  This is not a department store that I frequent (or even think about), but with the exception of Uggs, the entire store was basically 25% off.  It was enough incentive for me to go and take a look!

I've been a flip-flops girl first the past few summers (and yes, I've admitted in a previous post that i even wear Birkenstocks for comfort).  However, I've been trying to find comfy sandals that look a little more polished than my numerous pairs of Havaianas.  While my ideal sandals will have a slight wedge, I found these Matisse flat leather sandals in black for $36.75 (after 25% discount) to wear for now:

I've never heard of Matisse before but at $36.75, what the heck - why not?  I like the knotting on these sandals and they've been pretty comfy so far.  They have the potential to be a good alternative flip-flops while I continue my search for the perfect sandals.  L&T - you're okay in my book.

Food Therapy: Have You Tried Almond Milk Yet?

My current "milk" of choice is almond milk  Have you tried it yet?  It's fantastic!  Try almond milk with vanilla flavor.  There are different brands but I prefer Almond Breeze.  It's slightly sweeter, creamier and more flavorful than other brands. IMHO, it's way better than soy milk.


Botkier's Sample Sale: Go! Go! Go!

Want to be an amazing daughter for Mother's Day?  Take your mom to Botkier's Sample Sale and let her choose her own bag!  Here are the details:
[Image Courtesy of Botkier]

I'll be posting a preview video of Botkier's Sample Sale on 5/5/10, so you can see what's available before you go.  Sweet, right?  Stay tuned!

Update:  Here's my video of Botkier's Sample Sale: Video Review: Botkier's Sample Sale!

White + Warren: Hemp Traveler STEAL!

I thought that I read the price wrong at first glance, but upon a second look, the numbers stayed the same.  Grab White + Warren's Hemp Traveler for $99 (at before they change their minds about the pricing:

[Image Courtesy of White + Warren]

This is a greet weekender for the summer...the hemp/chalk coloring is a great neutral combo.  And if it gets dirty by the end of August, so what?  You only payed $99 for it!


Video Review: Botkier's Elliot Cross-Body

I'm back with another Botkier video review: the Elliot Cross-Body in taupe!!  This is a luxe cross-body bag in gorgeous snake embossed cowhide.   It is ridiculously more gorgeous IRL than in pictures and on video.  And really, can the elephant charm get any cuter?  I think not!!

I can't believe I'm writing this but I think it may actually be more perfect for the iPad than my Olivia Harris Washed Leather Knot Satchel!  Yes...that hurt to admit it.  ;)

Special thanks to our sponsor of this beautiful bag,!!  (You can purchase the Elliot Cross Body at a 
25% discount with code "THERAPY25".)

Do You Check Your Dry Cleaning?

I used to be very lazy when it came to dry cleaning.  I would pick up my dry cleaning and then leave my clothes in the plastic bags for weeks.  It seemed like such a PITA to remove the plastic bags, rubberbands/twisty ties, and the occasional paper stuffing unless I was actually going to wear the item.

You would think after my first incident with the dry cleaners - they shrunk my DVF dress - I would learn my lesson.  I didn't realize that shrinkage had occurred until I was on a cruise dressing for "formal night" and my bottom was barely covered by the back of the dress.  Luckily, I had packed black pants and ended up wearing the dress as a fancy one-shoulder tunic.  It was improvise or eat alone in the suite.

But no (sometimes I'm slow on the uptake)...I didn't learn until the second time around when the dry cleaners (a different one from the first) shrunk my one-month old White + Warren cashmere duster.  I didn't find out about the shrinkage until two weeks later, when I wanted to wear it while I was away on a 2-week vacation.  It was a challenge to explain to the dry cleaners one month after I picked up the duster why it took me so long to realize that shrinkage had occurred.  (Basically they were telling me, "It's been a month.  Are you sure it was us?  Don't you check your clothes when you get home?")   Their attempts to stretch out the duster were completely futile.   Once something gets shrunk, it's NEVER the same.  :(

Now when I get home with my dry cleaning, I immediately check for shrinkage.

Note:  It's also bad to "suffocate" you clothes in the plastic bags.  You should let you clothes air out.  It'll help disperse the chemical smell and moisture from your clothes.

Calypso: 25% Off On 5/12/10

Calypso is having a "private" sale on 5/12/10 (wed) from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm at the NYC, LA, Chi-Town and Dallas locations.  You can sign-up via but I doubt they're going to be checking the list.  I haven't had a chance to swing by the store yet but these four on-line items caught my eye: (Prices reflect 25% discount.)
  • G1 Army Jacket ($168.75) in olive:  This is a great weekend alternative to the trench/safari jacket!
  • Calypso Lois Solid Dress ($101.25) in raffia (navy also available):  It is time for tea yet?  I want scones with clotted cream...
  • Calypso Andie Plaid Dress ($146.25) in ivory:  This is a dress I'd want to wear every day.  It looks so comfy and light...perfect for a sweltering mid-summer day.
  • Elena Ghiselini Cupido Bag ($746.25) in coco: travel bag!!
[Images Courtesy of Calypso]

Loeffler Randall on

I usually don't like disseminating information about membership-only sample sale sites (because many of us have had problems with them and items are always sold out; see here for more reasons:  Members Only Online Sales: A Good Deal?), but Daily Candy's new site seems to carry more in stock than the other sites.  Plus, I am a HUGE fan of Loeffler Randall, so here goes:  Loeffler Randall will be available on on 4/27 (tues).   I am hoping that there will be shoes/boots...

PETCO: 20% Off Sitewide for Your Puppy/Kitty!

I love Mr. Max but darn does his puppy stuff add up!  I'll be taking advantage of PETCO's sitewide sale.  Take 20% off your entire purchase with code "APRILMEGA50" (excludes dog/cat food/litter).  Get free shipping on orders $50+ (and if you're like me, you'll easy hit that threshold).  Code expires 4/29/10 (thurs).


UMIL: Sneaky Sneakers

I was in a rush to go to the gym today (why does it have to close so early on Sundays?) and I wasn't really paying attention when I was tying my sneakers.  Plus, the foyer was dark (yes, I was too lazy to turn the light on) so I couldn't really see what I was doing.  Apparently, my sneakers are sneaky little things.  Let me tell you why...

I had a great workout at the gym and it wasn't until I started stretching on the mat that I noticed something very, Very, VERY WRONG:  I was wearing different sneakers on each foot.

In my defense, both sneakers are very similar in color (medium grey) and they felt the same on my feet.   Also, I was wearing long yoga pants so only the front of the sneakers were visible.

Fine...there's really NO defense/excuse for wearing a different sneaker on each foot, but hey, just go with me on this one.  This really was an unnecessary moment in life.

As an fyi, once I realized what was going on, I stopped stretching and jetted home.  I don't think anyone else noticed but I was still mortified.  This will NEVER happen again - I'm going to make sure of it.

Zac Posen for Target

I checked out the Zac Posen for Target collection today.  It's been much hyped, so did it live up to expectations?

Here's the good news:  This is a pretty fab collection with better than expected fit and quality...especially the fabric choices.  There was nothing in the collection that made me stop and think, "What the hell?  Seriously?"  Not everything was for me but the things that I liked, I liked a lot!

Here's the bad news:  If you have been blessed in the chest (natural or otherwise), you may have issues with the tops and dresses.  All of the tops and dresses that I tried on did not seem to be designed for women with ta tas in mind.  Luckily for me, I have the chest of a little boy so it wasn't a big deal.  Ha!

Here are the three dresses that were standouts for me:
  • Chambray Dress ($39.99) in blue:  This dress is super cute and the skirt of the dress poofs out slightly to minimize your waist.  This will be a great dress for strolling around in the city during the summer.  The top of the dress fit me perfectly, which means if you're not flat like me, you may worry about the snaps of the dress popping every time you inhale or eat.
  • Snap Tape Dress ($69.99) in blue:  You CANNOT wear a bra with this dress and you will have a very hard time zipping it up if you are bigger than an A-cup.  That being said, it's a great flirty date dress with a slight edge to it.  The deep V in the front of the dress is sexy but not tawdry.  Pair this dress with your CLs and you're good to go!
  • Two-Piece Ruffled Dress ($79.99) in black/blue:  This dress is more generous on the top, so it was actually loose on me.  It works well as an LBD without the blue ruffle skirt but I prefer it with the ruffle skirt.  It would make a festive New Year's Eve dress.  :)

Dolce Vita: Double Check The Retail Price

With so many F&F sales happening right now, it's easy to just look at the percentage discount being offered and not perform the calculation for the actual price after discount.  While this is a useful rule of thumb, I've noticed that it doesn't really work for Dolce Vita.  For some unknown reason, the retail price of Dolce Vita's shoes vary from store to store.
Take the Ivory Sandal for example.  Here are three websites and three different retail prices:
  •  $125
  •  $130
    • After an automatic 30% discount, the sale price is $91.  This sale ends today, 4/25/10.
  •  $119
    • After an automatic 25% discount, the sale price is $89.25.  This sale ends 04/29/10 (thurs).
Even though has the best discount at 30% off, is the better deal at 25% off because the retail price is $119 while the retail price is $130 at  So don't forget to do a price check when purchasing your next pair of Dolce Vita shoes!

Give Some, Get Some...

Are you looking a particular style or item? Let me know ( and I will post your request so that everyone can help you find your sale!

Have you seen a style or item on sale that someone else is looking for? Don't be stingy and share the wealth! Let me know so that I can post it.