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What are you desperately seeking on sale?

Food Therapy

Good food is as satisfying as a good sale. So from time to time (probably more than that because I'm a foodie and I love to eat), I'll be providing some food therapy. Be forewarned, I'm an adventurous eater with a HUGE sweet tooth. If you're in NYC, I hope you try some of these spots. If you do, LMK what you think. Bon appetit!

Video Reviews

While picture reveals of bags are nice. Video reviews of bags are better! As such, I will endeavor to post as many video reviews of bags as possible. However, I will only be reviewing bags that I like. Life is too short to review bags that I dislike. Plus, at the end of the day, it really is just a matter of personal opinion/taste.


Velvet: Jersey Dresses With Sleeves

I like jersey dresses during the summer.  Some of my favorite jersey dresses are from Velvet.  It's an affordable line (especially when it's on sale) and it packs well for summer trips.  Jersey dresses are easy to wash and easy to wear.   I found these two Velvet jersey dresses on sale at  These dresses with sleeves would be perfect for cooler days in the spring/summer:
  • Lori Dress ($66) in black:  (Note: a smoke (grey-olive) version ($71.40) is on sale at
  • Chane Baby Jersey Cinched Waist Dress ($75) in wineberry:
 [Images Courtesy of]

Come to think of it...I'd wear those LR walking sandals with these dresses!

Loeffler Randall: You Make My Heart Skip A Beat

I can look through pages and pages of sale shoes and I always seems to gravitate toward shoes from Loeffler Randall.  I can't help heart just skips a beat.  I found these LR shoes on sale at
  • Kiera Platform Sandals ($417) in cuoio or black:  These shoes are fierce in either color!
  • Audra Snap Sandals ($207) in black:  Comfy but stylish weekend walking shoes.
  • Classic Matilde Boots ($399) in birch:  These boots would be what I would consider a planned purchase...perfect for this coming fall!
  • Classic Matilde Boots ($432) in taupe suede:  These boots are just plain dreamy (especially the color)...
[Images Courtesy of]

Do You Take Care Of Your Ears?

You read the title right.  Do you take care of your ears?  Or do you abuse them with heavy chandelier earrings or heavy hoop earrings?  In a society where we pamper almost every part of our body, the ears tend to get forgotten and/or abused.

The trend for the past few years has been dramatic shoulder-sweeping earrings and ridiculously large stud earrings.  Basically, anything you can put on your ears to make a statement.  Oh, those poor ears!  

So take off those statement earrings for a second and check your earring holes.  Are they stretched?  A little larger than you'd like them to be?  If so, take a breather on statement earrings.  If your earring holes are not too stretched out, they should get smaller if you stop wearing earrings all together for little while.   It's better than having to go through earlobe surgery to stitch back together a torn earlobe (or two).

There are products out there that support your earlobes when wearing dangly earrings (I gather that they're kinda like small band-aid patches).  The two that keep popping up are LobeWonder and EarLift.   I haven't personally tried them, but they've been getting some good reviews on

UMIL: Weekly Coffee Spill

Every week, without fail, I spill coffee either on my desk or on myself.  This is why avoid wearing white pants and white dresses.


Alexander Wang: One-Shoulder Dress

Sometimes you just want to wow your SO with a sexy slinky dress and remind him that you are WOMAN!  And I've found the perfect dress on sale for you to do in it from  Alexander Wang's Braided Acetate One-Should Dress ($290) in black will make him do a double-take.  Between the slit at the thigh and the bare shoulder, he will be pounding his chest and declaring,  "Me, Tarzan. You, Jane."
[Images Courtesy of]

This dress has such flattering draping that your Spanx can stay home for the night.  Why make it harder on yourselves when you get home, KWIM?  ;)

Note:  There are times when you just have to have something that's not on sale.  Here's a 15% off discount code for to use for regular priced items:  MARFIFTEEN.  This code will expire on 3/31/10.

Tory Burch: On-line Private Sale

For all you Tory Burch fans out there, Torch Bury's on-line private sale has just started.  With the exception of 2 pairs of Revas (a moss green leather and a purple suede), each $117, nothing really caught my eye.  But something else may catch yours!  This private sale ends on 3/29/10.

To check it out, click here:  Tory Burch Private Sale.

In Memory of a Lost Haute Hippie Dress (and a Suprise Replacement)

Haute Hippie has been coming out with some slamming party dresses but at full retail, they can be rather pricey.  This is why Big Buddha's gf (let's refer to her as Foodette for her very impressive ability to put away food), was super excited when she scored this Haute Hippie Dress at Saks OFF 5th for $86:

[Image Courtesy of]

This is also why Foodette was devastated when she lost this dress.  She had forgotten the OFF 5th bag in which the dress was placed at the doctor's office and when she went back, no one had seen the bag.  I won't point fingers but that's rather odd, isn't?  How do you miss an OFF 5th bag in a patient room?  Upon learning this unfortunate event, I found the dress on sale for $99 at  Foodette, however, was still mourning over the original dress.  I think deep down, she was still hoping that the doctor's office would call to tell her that the bag (and the dress) was found.

A month later, Foodette tells me that she found a replacement for the dress.  She had purchased the following tank top from Forever 21:

This tank is suprisingly similar (or maybe not so surprisingly similar since it is Forever 21) to her beloved Haute Hippie Dress.  It cost $29.  It wasn't that much more for the dress,  and I wondered why she didn't just buy it from  Foodette's reply (which I love!!) was this, "I am an unappreciative discount whore and [I] only deserve a Forever 21 tank top as a replacement."

Sometimes the best purchases are not the ones we save up for but the surprise ones on sale (the best kind of sale therapy!!).  You should treat all your purchases as if they were purchased at full retail...cause you don't know what you got till it's gone!

(Note:  The Haute Hippie dress is still on sale and available at but only an XS is left.)

2 Rings That I'm Loving Right Now

When it comes to jewelry, I tend to wear something for a while until I tire of it.  I know lots of girls change their jewelry daily, but that's just not me.  It may be due to the fact that I'm too lazy to constantly switch rings, earrings, and necklaces in and out of my jewelry box (perhaps that's why I wear my diamond studs every day?)  It may also be due to the fact that I often misplace things (THANK YOU to the good hearted individual who gave the manager at Equinox my diamond eternity band).  The less items I need to keep track of, the less chance I have of losing anything.  So right now, I'm alternating between these two rings and I wanted to share my two lovelies with you.  

  • Pewter/Glass Flower Ring

  • Dark Purple-Sparkly Ring

Did I mention that I bargained for them while in Beijing?  I got them down to 20% of the original price quote. Ahh...such a fond memory (and I'm sure the vendor still made out like a bandit)!

It's That Time Again For...Street Fairs!!

When spring rolls around, a favorite past time of mine re-emerges: wandering aimlessly down a NYC street fair.  By summer, I'm pretty much conditioned to look for it every weekend.   There is a lot of junk shopping at a street fair (socks, bras, Hanes t-shirts, braided jewelry, etc), but it's always fun to peruse through racks of $15 dresses (or is it $20 these days?).  However, what keeps me going back is the food.   To be more precise, what keeps me going back is two foods in particular:  sweet italian sausage sub and nutella/banana crepe.  Next time you pass by a street fair, try them both.  They're good...really good.  :)

Plus, you never know what will happen at a street fair.  A few years ago, they were handing out stacks of free lottery scratch cards as a promotion.  I ended up winning $35!

To find out where the next street fair will be held, click here:  NYC Street Fair Schedule.


Weekend Chic: Sexy & Casual

Weekends are interesting.  I'm always tempted to go super comfy (jeans and hoodie) but Sunshine finds it personally insulting that I don't "dress nice" for him.  His point of view is that if I want to impress anyone, it should be him.  I guess that's true because if I think about it in reverse, it's most definitely true!  Now that the weather is nicer (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will last), what would be weekend chic for brunch and then some shopping?  I found these outfits from the sale sections of and
  • Outfit #1:
    •  Velvet Leslie Dress ($80.50) in shoreline (blue).  NC bis Droplet Chain Necklace ($36) in silver.
 [Images courtesy of]
    •  Pour La Victoire Claire ($152) in black.
 [Image courtesy of]
  • Outfit #2:  
    •  Haute Hippie Dolman Romper ($227.50) in black.
 [Image courtesy of]
    • Lisa Levine Saber Necklace 19" ($159) in Sterling Silver/Goldfill.  Mike & Chris Multi-Strap Mid-Wedge Sandal ($216) in black.
[Images Courtesy of]

Random Thought: Note To Self

Note to self:  Don't forget that...
  • Season 4 of The Tudors (Showtime) premieres on 4/11/10, Sunday at 9:00pm!  
  • Season 3 of True Blood (HBO) premieres on 6/13/10, Sunday at 9:00pm!!

Completely Bare: 50% Off Waxing Services!!

If you're a little lax during the winter about grooming down there, I won't judge. However, now that spring is here, it's time to shape up! Completely Bare is offering 50% off its waxing (and some laser) services.  If you're getting a brazilian, make sure you ask for the hard wax. It's less painful (but not painless).  This offering is only available through Completely Bare's website:  Completely Bare On-line Sale.  Simply purchase on-line and then print and present your receipt/voucher once you get there.  This sale expires on 3/30/10.

To prevent ingrowns, I like Completely Bare's Bikini Bump Blaster. It's like Tend Skin but less smelly and stingy.  I will admit that it's also more much expensive, which is why I'm happy to post this 25% off discount code: BRAZILIAN. This code will work on all other products as well.

Video Review: Botkier's Venice Satchel

Here it is! Finally finished the video review for Botkier's Venice Satchel in ocean. It's a gorgeous bag that is so very soft and smooshy!!


Amex Travel 2-For-1 Vacation Deal: Cruise & Cabo

These days, there is more "fine print" to read than ever.  That is why I was so very skeptical when I ran across the following American Express Travel Agency cruise deal 2 years ago: Book a 7-day cruise and get a 7-night stay at a luxury resort Mexico.   (This is still an on-going promotion and why I'm bringing it to your attention.)

My first thought was, "What kind of scam is this?"  But since it's Amex Travel and not some random travel agency or travel website, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.  We were already planning a week-long cruise, so why not check it out?  I am so GLAD that I did.  We booked 2 cabins on a 7-day Caribbean Cruise and with our cruise documentation came the resort voucher for 2 rooms, good for a 7-night stay.  
Luxury can be interpreted in many ways.  I wasn't expecting Four Seasons but I was hoping it wasn't the Holiday Inn.  It ended up being a choice between two Pueblo Bonito resorts: one in Cabo San Lucas and one in Mazatlan.  Having never heard of Pueblo Bonito resorts, I immediately turned to my favorite travel site,, for reviews.   I had always wanted to go to Cabo and a quick search revealed great reviews!  This really seemed like it could be the real deal: a great 2-for-1!

Before I go further, I want to point out that then-promotion was for Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa.  This is an adults only resort (something I greatly appreciated).  The current promotion is for Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach.  This is not an adults-only resort.  It's more family oriented but still very nice.  Both resorts are located on the same compound and guests can easily use the other's facilities.

I ended going to Cabo with Sunshine, Big Buddha and Big Buddha's sister.  We had no issues checking in/out - they simply accepted the voucher and that was it.  Painless...and free!!  In the interest of transparency, I want to mention that Pueblo Bonito's timeshare program is heavily promoted.  You don't have to attend the timeshare presentation but it would be in your interest to do so (just do get sucked into the timeshare pitch).  When we attended, we got 1) free breakfast, 2) an activity for the morning - pretend you're on House Hunters and 3) $150 food credit per room.  You're spending 7-nights there.  It's worth it!

The Cabo trip was one of the best vacations that I've ever taken.  Ironically, it ended up being way better than the cruise (the main vacation).  Free room aside, the food at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica and Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach was TERRIFIC and inexpensive!  Sunshine and Big Buddha were obsessed over the resort's carne asada.  As a foodie, this really was greatly appreciated and fondly remembered.  Usually, the food at beach resorts are bland/non-edible and expensive (ahem - Cancun Ritz Carlton, anyone?).  As an added bonus, the food in town was terrific and cheap!!
I'm usually not a huge fan of fish but this was the BEST FISH EVER from a restaurant called Mariscos Mazatlan.  They drizzled some sort of magic sauce on the fish before they grilled it.
We hit up at least one taqueria a night!

I want to highlight the important fine print for you:
  • Your cruise fare per cabin must be $1,990+.  (It's one voucher per cabin.)
  • 7-night stay is for double occupancy.
  • You must make the resort reservations within 90-days of the issue date printed on the voucher.  (You have to complete the cruise before you can use the voucher.    If my memory is correct, the voucher is dated the last day of your cruise.)
  • The vacation must be completed within 18 months of the issue date printed on the voucher.
  • The voucher is issued to the individual who's is the primary passenger of the cabin.  ( I had to call Amex Travel to gripe about this because I used my cc to pay for both cabins.  As such, I expected both vouchers to be in my name.   Plus, the website specifically states the following, "Member will receive one certificate per cabin."  Amex Travel eventually re-issued another voucher in my name.)
  • The voucher is NOT transferable.

Hermes Sample Sale: Be Ready To Wait...And Wait...And Wait...

Big Buddha's gf popped by the Hermes Sample Sale today.  Actually, she thought she would pop-in and pop-out but all that ended up popping was her bubble of popping by.  She waited in line for 3 hours to gain entrance and then another 2 hours to get to the cashier counter.  For such an anticipated sample sale, why were there only 4 cashiers?  To make matters worse, she spied a few guys cutting the line after slipping some $20s to the security guards at the front of the line.  Unless you are a huge fan of Hermes, I'm sure you can find something better do with yourself for 5+ hours.  Just in case you are a huge fan, here is the pricing for various items:  $98 ties, $225 scarves, $15 perfumes, $445 small canvas totes and $600-$900 wallets.  Don't forget to bring a couple of $20s to skip the line.  ;)

Buyer's Remorse: I'm Trying To Avoid It.

We've all experienced buyer's remorse at least once.  And for some us (including me), we've experienced it numerous times.  Buyer's remorse tends occur more frequently when I'm at a sale...especially when I'm at a sale for a particular label/designer that I like.  When I buy at full retail price, I'm much more careful with my purchases.  When I'm at a sale, my brain short circuits and I go into "off-balance sheet accounting" mode, as Sunshine likes to say.  I don't think about how much I'm spending but how much I'm saving.  More importantly, the one critical question that I ask myself when I buy at full retail price is never asked at a sale:  Would I actually wear/use this item?

Since I don't ask this critical question, I have a closet full of clothes/shoes purchased on sale that I don't really wear or have never touched.  The worst buyer's remorse for me isn't when the day after my purchase (or even a week after), I realize that the final sale item doesn't work for me; it's when a year later, I realize that I've never touch that regular sale item and never intend to do so (but it's too later to return it).  That's when I really feel like an idiot for making that purchase.  I could have spent that money on something I really did like and would wear/use.  I only bought that item because it was on sale.

Nowadays, I'm trying to be better when it comes to sales.  I don't like to think of myself as an idiot.  It's hard trying to be better because it seems like everything is on sale.  But I am better at asking myself the critical question before I head to the the checkout counter with a sale item.  Maybe that's why I post sale picks on this blog.  It helps me to stop and think.  Plus, I'm running out of closet/storage space...

Food Therapy: Eating Responsibly

It's come to my attention that my bf (whom I shall reference as Sunshine from now because he really does make each day brighter and happier for me) and several family members have blamed for their weight gain.  I like to eat.  I'm pretty sure that it's obvious from this blog that I like to eat.  But I regularly do two things that they don't: 1) portion control and 2) exercise.  They may do one of those two things but not both.  These two things really do help me from gaining weight.  But I want to focus on the first one:  portion control.  I like practicing portion control because it's less about eating healthy or giving up certain foods and more about, duh, controlling the quantity (or portion) that you consume.

Last year, I tried a meal delivery system.  While they touted "eating healthy" as a major reason for weight loss/control, it really ended up being about portion control.  Prior to this, I was pretty clueless about portion control.  I would sometimes compare the amount I ate against the amount I was served or the size of the plate.  This is a terrible way to gauge how much you've eaten.  Everything is so super-sized at restaurants these days that eating even half of your entree may still be too much.  It's really hard to be objective when it comes to eating the proper portion.  But after using the meal delivery system for a month, I was able to get a sense of what a proper portion for a meal should be.  Meal delivery systems are expensive (a reason why I stopped using it) and the food isn't that great (another reason why I stopped using it).  If you need a reality check, as I did, on portion control, I suggest you hit the frozen food section of your supermarket and buy some Lean Cuisine meals or Smart Ones meals (otherwise known as T.V. DINNERS!!).  They're basically the same meals that the meal delivery system served.  And some of the meals are actually pretty good.

It's easy for your portions to creep up with each meal.  When I've noticed a significant increase, I buy a Lean Cuisine meal or a Smart Ones meal to remind myself of how much I should be eating.  However, I'm not saying that you shouldn't go all out and enjoy yourself at a restuarant every now and then.  Well, maybe a little more then every now and then.  I'm just saying eat responsibly and you'll thank yourself when you're wearing that bikini this summer.


Loehmann's: 25% Off All Denim Sale

With designer jeans readily available at discount stores such as Loehmann's and T.J. Maxx, I rarely buy my jeans from department stores. Loehmann's usually has a good selection and from 3/24/10 - 3/28/10, Loehmann's is having a "25% Off All Denim" Sale. With the most expensive jeans topping out at $119.99, this is a pretty good deal. As we all know, each pair of jeans (even if it's the same style, color and fabric from the same designer) fits differently so I have no picks for you. But I will tell you that you can find J Brand, 7 for All Mankind, Rock & Republic and True Religion at Loehmann's. Happy Hunting!

Note: Don't forget that if you're an Insider Club Gold/Diamond member, you get an additional 10% off and if you can't find your size but they have it at another store, they will ship it to you for free!

Screwback Posts: How To Properly Screw On Screwbacks

Since I have really good luck with losing jewelry (ha!), I had the posts of my diamond studs turned into screwback posts.  These were my first pair of earrings with screwback posts.  All I knew about screwbacks was that they were less likely to come off.  But for the past 6 months, I would lose a screwback every month or so.  They just twirled freely and loosely around my screwback posts.  With gold prices where they are, this was getting expensive.   When I went back to the Jeweler for the nth time, they finally told me that I wasn't using the screwbacks properly.  Thank you but couldn't you have told me this the first time around?

So here's how to properly screw on screwbacks (you may already know this but I didn't and one of you out there may not): Screw on each screwback ALL THE WAY.  (It may pinch your ears a little at first, but that feeling goes away.)

Yes, I felt stupid when they told me.  In my defense, how could I have known?  Why would I want my ears to feel pinched?

Random Video: The Death Star Trooper Accordion Player

Every so often, I see something that I would never think to see. And a guy wearing a Death Star Trooper mask who happens to be playing the Star Wars theme song on an accordion is one of those things. If you know a Star Wars fan, show this video to them. I have a feeling that they might get a kick out of it.

Botkier: Venice Satchel

Here are pix of the Botkier's Venice Satchel in ocean.  This bag is great because it's a chameleon bag.  When you use the handles, it's very much a satchel but when you use the shoulder strap, the shape of the bag changes and it becomes a hobo.  It's not simply a satchel with a shoulder strap.  KWIM?  Plus the should strap has a nice zipper detail to it.  But let's focus on the beautiful blue color of this bag.  If ever there was a great neutral blue, this is it!  If you can get away with it, this would make a great work bag for spring/summer.  The Venice Satchel is approximately 16.25" wide and 10.25" tall.  This is a lambskin bag and also comes in naked (light peachy tan) and black (but it has a crinkly texture).  It's a fairly lightweight bag at 2.08 lbs.  The weight of a bag is very near and dear to me.  I refuse to carry bags that are heavy to begin with; heavy bags just end up sitting in my closet because...well, they tire me out (my bf can attest to this).  I willingly admit that I'm wimpy when it comes to hauling heavy things.  Like the Howard St. Satchel, there's a slight glaze to the bag.  For some reason, I feel that a glaze finish makes the bag a little more resistant to stains/water (this may not be the case but that's how I feel about glazes).   My full video review will be posted this week!
  • Overall View:
  • Strap View:
  • Front View:
  • Back View:

  • Side View:
  • Bottom View:

Note:  If you're interested in this bag, visit (the sponsor for this bag) and use the discount code "THERAPY25" for a 25% discount!!  (You didn't think I would let you pay retail, did you?  Plus, you get free shipping and if you live outside of NY, there's no tax.)

Food Therapy: Childhood Comfort Foods Gone Gourmet!

When the weather is gloomy, all I want is comfort foods.  So I was elated when I discovered these two lovely joints that serve gourmet versions of two of my favorite childhood comfort foods:  hotdogs and mac&cheese!! (Note: These are not restaurants but gourmet fast food joints.  I know, I know...that's an oxymoron.)
  • Dogmatic:  I love a good hotdog and at Dogmatic, all the hotdogs (or should I say gourmet sausages) are fantastic.  You have a choice of beef, chicken, pork, turkey or lamb sausage (that you pair with a yummy sauce) for only $4.50.  What makes Dogmatic's hotdogs is really the bun-that-is-not-a-bun.  It's a slim french baguette that they heat from the inside out.  Now I am not one to pay $2.50 for a street vendor's mushy hotdog (that's just highway robbery) but I will pay $4.50 for Dogmatic's outstanding hotdog. 
    • 26th East 17th St (b/w Union Square W & 5th Ave), New York, NY 10003 
  • MacBar:  Oh mac& use to come out of that little blue box.  Now you're all grown up at MacBar.  I love cheese and I love pasta; together, it's a perfect combination.  When I went to MacBar this past weekend, we couldn't just try one mac&cheese dish, we tried five dishes!  They were: The Classic (my favorite b/c you can't beat the original), Mac Stroganoff (very tasty), Mac Lobsta' (good but my least favorite), Mac 'Shroom (this is just plain addictive) and Mac Quack (if you like duck, this one is for you).  The medium sized dishes were generously portioned and cost $7.99 - $12.99.  The small sized dishes are enough for one and cost $5.99 - $8.99.
(Mac Stroganoff Medium)

(The Classic Small)
    • 54 Prince St (b/w Lafayette & Mulberry St), New York, NY 10012

Poor Puppy...

When the weather is nice, Mr. Max plays with my father's frenchie Mr. Foo Foo out on the deck.  The neighbor's dog Jeter, an only child (only dog?), is usually out on his deck.  He always looks so lonely when he sticks his head through the rails and stares at Mr. Max and Mr. Foo Foo longingly.  He just stays in this position.  I'm going to have to arrange a puppy play date for him...

Bloomie's F&F: On-Line Now & In-Store Tomorrow

I have decided that I will not allow one nasty SA to ruin Bloomie's for me.  I have met plenty of nice SAs at Bloomie's...I just have to remind myself of that fact.  So in that spirit, I reminding all of you that Bloomie's F&F sale has started on-line (3/23/10) and will start in-stores tomorrow (3/24/10).

Click here for your in-store printable coupon:  Bloomie's F&F Sale Coupon.

Note:  I'm still canceling the pre-sale of the Olivia Harris bag.  Unfortunately, the nasty SA took away all the joy of purchasing that drool-worthy bag.  I shall have to purchase it elsewhere...


Starbucks: Free Pastry Day on 3/24/10 (Tues)

For all you coffee lovers (that would include me!), get a free pastry with your morning coffee at Starbucks on 3/24/10 (tues).  This offer is only good from opening to 10:30 am.  This will not work at Starbucks in Barnes & Nobles.

Here's the coupon: Starbucks' Free Pastry Day Coupon.

UMIL: Surprise At The Endodontist

Today, I had one root canal planned for my endodontist appointment.  I had two more planned for Wednesday.  They're all for my front teeth.  So I was quite surprised when he told me the following after my first root canal, "I think we can do two root canals today.  The patient after you cancelled his appointment.  Let's go for it."  I was still sitting in the chair with my mouth open.  I could only nod.  What else could I really do?  Now that I home, it feels like someone punched me in the nose.  UMIL.

Adult Acne: Fight It With Tazorac

I have adult acne.  However, if you look at my skin, you would be surprised to learn that I suffer from adult acne.  This is because I use Tazorac, a prescription retinoid.  There are 2 versions:  cream and gel.  I've been using the Tazorac 0.05% gel for years now.  Not only does it keep my skin super clear, it also (as an added bonus!) helps to prevent wrinkles.  Note that it will make your skin more sensitive to the sun and this is not recommended for women trying to get pregnant, pregnant women and nursing mothers.  Due to its strength, I only use Tazorac at night.  I use BenzaClin gel in the morning.  For me, this is the magic combination to clear skin.  

In case you're wondering, I don't really use masks or do exfoliations.  I use Olay's Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths (Deep Cleansing version) nightly.  That's enough exfoliation for me for the most part.  When I remember that I have it, I will use Natura Bisse's Glyco Peeling Plus 50% in the evening.  When I do use it, I do NOT follow up with Tazorac.  I think of the Glyco Peel as the occasional skin booster.

If you're having skin problems (especially adult acne), find a good dermatologist and go see him/her.  Instead of wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars on beauty products and make-up, pay your co-pay amount and get the advice of a professional.  I had tried everything before going to see a dermatologist.  I was miserable and my bathroom counter was filled with ineffective products.  It doesn't have to be like that at all.


Video Review: Botkier's Howard St Satchel

I think I'm a day late with this but the weekend was just too beautiful to pass on. Here's my review for the very gorgeous Howard St. Satchel in cement from Botkier. I ADORE this bag!!

Bloomie's Dilemma: Purchase From SA With Bad Attitude?

It never ceases to amaze me when I come across a sale associate with a bad attitude.  Yesterday, I was amazed yet again by a Bloomie's SA.  I have been drooling over a certain Olivia Harris bag.  I first saw this lovely bag at Bloomie's Soho.

Since Bloomie's F&F sale is next week and I have a Bloomie's gift card that I need to use (before I lose it), I had called up Bloomie's Soho this past Tuesday when pre-sale started.  Per a rather unhelpful SA over the phone, the bag was sold out and they were unsure about any more shipments.  But because I really really want this bag and I was already in Soho (enjoying the first day of spring), I decided to drop by Bloomie's Soho to confirm that the bag was indeed sold out.  Well...whadya know?  The bag was on display at the store.  I suppose that this should have been the tip off that CS is not a strong point at this particular Bloomie's.  Clearly, I ignored it.

Let it be known that I have never pre-saled at Bloomie's before.  I've only done pre-sales at Saks and Nordies.  Since the gc wouldn't cover the entire amount for the bag, I would need to do a split payment.  I have done pre-sales with split payments at Saks before so I was honestly suprised and taken aback when the Bloomie's SA stated that I couldn't use a gc for a pre-sale.  I replied that this was my first time doing a pre-sale at Bloomie's but I've done it with Saks, and I've never had an issue with using a gc on pre-sales.  The SA's response was SNOTTY and very unhelpful.  She said, "This is Bloomingdale's sweetie, not Saks."

First off, I would never confuse Bloomie's with Saks.  They can only wish that they were Saks.  Second off, was that condescending response necessary?  I think not.  She could have explained their policy clearly and nicely wihout the bad attitude.  Everything just went downhill from there.

She proceeded to state that she would need to process the pre-sale with a credit card and at the time of pick-up, she could then do a payment adjustment and split the payment between the cc and the gc.  With so many processing errors these days, I am not a fan of swiping my cc more than necessary.  The whole payment adjustment seemed both unecessary and non-sensical to me.  To add to this nonsense, I would be out of town and my friend (aka Big Buddha's gf) would be the one picking up the bag for me.  I would be leaving the gc with her.

The SA then proceeded to tell me that she cannot do a payment adjustment without my cc. does this SA do charge-sends or price adjustments over the phone?  (If you need my cc's last 3 digits, you can call me, right?  Isn't that what servicing your customer is all about?  Plus, this is a guaranteed sale for her.)  My friend, who was with me at the time, stepped up and offered to use her cc.  This way, she could do the payment adjustment at pick up.  I would simly reimburse her later for the cc amount.  With the bag sitting right in front of my face, I caved and agreed to this non-sensical payment arrangment.

Now that I have had time to reflect, I really really REALLY dislike this SA and her bad attitude.  It really sits unwell with me that she will get credit for this sale.  I am thinking about canceling the pre-sale.  The only unfortunate fact is that the bag I saw in the store is the last one.  And I really do want to get rid of my gc.  So do I cut off my nose to spite my face?  

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