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Food Therapy

Good food is as satisfying as a good sale. So from time to time (probably more than that because I'm a foodie and I love to eat), I'll be providing some food therapy. Be forewarned, I'm an adventurous eater with a HUGE sweet tooth. If you're in NYC, I hope you try some of these spots. If you do, LMK what you think. Bon appetit!

Video Reviews

While picture reveals of bags are nice. Video reviews of bags are better! As such, I will endeavor to post as many video reviews of bags as possible. However, I will only be reviewing bags that I like. Life is too short to review bags that I dislike. Plus, at the end of the day, it really is just a matter of personal opinion/taste.


Headphones for Small Ears/Head

I've always had problems with finding comfortable headphones.  Earbuds tends to fall out of my ears, clip-ons fall off of my ears and behind-the-necks are too big for my head.  Since I run when I can actually get myself to the gym, ill-fitting headphones are beyond annoying and distracting...I'm constantly trying to re-position them.

I have come to the following conclusion: while my head and ear canals are not particularly small, they are most definitely smaller than those found on your average male.  This is why most headphones are too big - they're designed for the average male.

Don't get the $10 Rocket Fish/JVC headphones (the audio quality is horrible) and don't get the $40+ Sony/Bose headphones (the audio quality is great but they fall apart after daily use).  I stick with headphones in the $20 - $30 range (but don't Skullcandy, you can hear the earbuds moving around in your ear canals).

I don't need perfect audio quality but I don't want to have to turn my iPod up to the max the hear my music with cheap headphones.  And I don't want to feel the heartbreak that comes with a pair of expensive headphones falling apart (trust me, it sucks...I ended up trying to tape back together my $50 Phillips clip-on headphones).

I've tried almost every headphone out there and these two work for me:
  • Sony Sports Street-Style Headphones:  I used to buy them from Best Buy but I haven't been able to find them there, so I just bought a pair online.  These headphones are water resistant, so they work great for your workouts when you....glow (because women don't perspire/sweat, we glow).  Since they're bulky, I only use them when I'm exercising.
  • Sony Earbud EX-Style Headphones:  These earbuds are fantastic for the price!  Make sure you try on all 3 earbud sizes to find the right fit (it makes a huge difference).  These earbuds are my daily headphones...great for commuting, traveling, etc.  The sound quality is good (not great) and they don't take up much room in my purse. 50% Off InvisibleShields on 5/31

If you're anal like I am, then you like to keep your gadgets as pristine as possible.  Which is why I purchased Zagg's InvisibleShield for both my smartphone and iPad.  What is InvisibleShield?  It's that thin crystal clear film that you put on your gadgets to keep them from scratching and nicking.  (Note: Make sure you watch the installation video AND read the installation instructions before you attempt anything!!)

It's not expensive but it's not cheap either, so I recommend purchasing your Zagg products only when they're on sale (or if you have a discount code). won't be having a Memorial Day Weekend Sale, but there will be an actual Memorial Day Sale!  Take 50% off sitewide on 5/31/10 (mon) on  No code is needed but some restrictions will apply.

5.28.2010 Simply Sexy

It's easy to wear something flashy/sparkly for attention.  It's much harder to walk into a room wearing something non-flashy/sparkly and command attention.  It does help, however, if you're wearing one of these two simply sexy silk dresses:
  • Amanda Uprichard Palm Dress ($182) in fuschia:  This dress is perfect for that sunset rooftop party.  I'm thinking sweet Riesling would go perfect with it!
  • Aaron Ashe Rio Dress ($205) in violet:  You'll probably need to break out your double-sided tape for this very low-cut dress, but it'll be worth it!  His attentions will be completely focused on you all evening long because he'll be wondering:  Why is the dress staying put??  When do I get a sneak peek?  ;)
[Images Courtesy of]

In celebration of Memorial Day, take 25% off either dress (and all other merchandise) at with the code "MD25" (expires 5/31/10).

Martin + Osa: 50% OFF THIS WEEKEND!!

In case you're not following me on twitter (ahem, ahem), is now 50% off through 05/31/10!!!  Yes! Yes! Yes!  I've been patiently waiting for them to go higher than 30% off and that's a huge jump.  Time to stock up before they close for good.  Here's my loot from the 30% off discount: Martin + Osa: 30% Off Closing Sale.  I loved the items so much that I may get the same stuff in different colors (somthing I rarely do).

Calypso: A Comfy Chic Summer Outfit is offering 20% off your entire purchase (excluding sale and home merchandise) to kick-start your summer wardrobe with code "MEMDAY10" (expires 5/31/10).  What would my summer outfit from Calypso be?  It would be this comfy chic outfit from top to bottom: (NOTE: Prices reflect 20% discount.)
  • Small Mod Round Wash Hoops ($52) in gold vermeil from Morra Designs:
  • Circle Necklace ($192) in gold from Ginette NY:
  • Briggi Dress ($156) in asperge from Calypso:
  • Ruvuma Ring ($156) with phrenite stone from Wendy Mink:
  • Raffia Clutch ($76) in white from Hat Attack:
  • Torsade Sandals ($60) in gold from Aspiga:

[Images Courtesy of Calypso]


Bloomingdale's: Take An Addittonal 20% Off Sale Items!!

Bloomie's is having it's Big Brown Bag Sale from 05/27/10 - 05/31/10!  To make the sale even better, take an additional 20% off at with code "BIG20" or use this printable coupon for in-store purchases:  Bloomie's 20% Off Big Brown Bag Sale Items.

I'm liking Bloomie's sale selection of shoes from Dolce Vita, Loeffler Randall, Pour La Victoire and Cynthia Vincent!

Note:  The code/coupon does not work on bags that are on sale through Bloomie's Designer Handbag Sale promotion.  

Loehmann's: 20% Off One Regular Priced Item Coupon

What kinds of promotion is Loehmann's offering for Memorial Day Weekend (05/27/10 - 05/31/10)?  Two 20% off coupons...each is good for one regular priced item.  They're okay discounts but with all other stores going all out this coming weekend, I expected more for Loehmann's.

In any event, if you're headed to Loehmann's this weekend, don't forget to bring them:  Loehmann's 20% Off Coupons.

City Sports: 20% Off A Regular-Priced Item

You can't put it off any need to hit the gym because swimsuit season is here!  To incentivize yourself, pick up a new pair of New Balance running shoes or a new Roxy bikini at City Sports.  Take 20% off a regular-priced item with code "NEXTJUMP20" (expires 05/31/10) on

Download and print this coupon for an in-store City Sports purchase: (expires 05/31/10)
NOTE:  There are a bunch of exclusions...Limit one coupon per customer. Not valid with any other coupon, discount, or promotion. Not valid on sale or clearance items. Not valid on select Nike (including but not limited to Nike Free, Lunar and any launch product), Jordan footwear (including all launch and release product), Babolat, UGG, Patagonia, Garmin, The North Face, Mizuno, Vibram FiveFingers, Under Armour and select ASICS. Coupon must be surrendered at time of purchase. Not valid when purchasing gift cards. Other restrictions may apply.


Pet Peeve: Applying Promotion Code At Checkout

I have a huge pet peeve that's related to promotions codes.  Some e-tailers are guilty of it and some are not.  My pet peeve is that certain e-tail websites force customers to go through the checkout process in order to apply a promotion code.  This has become an issue now that many e-tailers are offering discount codes with the wording "certain designer exclusions" and/or "mystery" discount codes.  Why is this such a PITA?  Let me tell you why...

Whether I ultimately purchase an item because of a promotion code obviously depends upon the designer exclusions and/or the actual discount of my mystery discount code.  Sdding an item to my cart in hopes that the promotion code is applicable is just a crappy way to shop.  But I can confirm the following: I'm MORE likely to add something to my cart if I know that it is included in the promotion code and/or the actual discount amount of the promotion code.  I'm not a fan of being disappointed.  KWIM?

Forcing me to shop and then create an account to get to the checkout page where I can apply the promotion code is annoying/irritating and more importantly, a waste of time because usually, this is what happens:  1) the designer item that I want is excluded from the discount code and 2) my mystery discount code is the lowest possible discount being offered.  It's unfortunate...but a fact of my life.

So let me be clear on this:  Going through the process of shopping and checking out in order to apply a promotion code will NOT make me more likely to purchase the items in my cart...especially if I find out that the designer item is excluded from the discount code and/or the mystery discount code results in the lowest possible discount amount.  It just serves to PMO.  When I am able to apply a promotion code upfront (i.e., pre-checkout), I'm a happier customer.  And a happier customer is a customer who purchases more items.  Hint.  Hint.

Food Therapy: Dinner at Cafe Habana!

This past Sunday, a group of us had an early dinner at Cafe Habana (17 Prince St; at the corner of Elizabeth St).  I've written about their great Cuban Sandwich for lunch (from the takeout counter next door) but this is the first time I've actually had dinner at the restaurant (the wait wasn't too bad).  And...I was not disappointed!  Yes, it was cramped (2 tiny round tables put next to each for a group of five), but it just made things cozy (I think) and the food easy to share (most definitely).

Here's what we ordered and EVERYTHING was delicious:

  • Grilled Corn Mexican Style (Appetizer 1):  The combo of chili powder, lime and cotija cheese on corn is delicious.  If you like butter on your corn, you'll love cotija cheese on it!  It's kinda like butter but creamier and butter-ier (not a word, I know).  And Cafe Habana slathers it on.  I would never use this amount of butter on a corn on the cob, but since it's cheese, it's fine by me!  (It's probably not any healthier but since I'm clueless about the fat/calorie content of cotija cheese, I can pretend its healthier.)
  • Cuban Sandwich (Appetizer 2):  We couldn't go to Cafe Habana and not get a Cuban Sandwich.  However, since we all wanted to try a dinner entree, we opted to share Cuban Sandwich as an appetizer.  It was super yummy, as usual.  The fries were surprisingly good...crispy (inside and out), salty and hot.
  • Roast Pork:  Ahhh...this is THE dish.  Big Buddha and I both ordered it.  I had my eye on something else but Big Buddha was offering only ONE measly taste of the Roast Pork; so I knew it had to be good.  (Sidenote: Yes, we cut deals about sharing our food before we order.  This way we can try more things, unless, like this particular case, someone doesn't want to share.)  Usually, he'll offer at least two bites of his dish.  If I ordered the other dish, he'd be gloating throughout dinner that his Roast Pork was better...and it would have been true.  The Roast Pork is fantastic: flavor, soft and juicy.  More surprisingly, the rice was fantastic as well!  It's perfectly flavored with...garlic/onion/oil/salt?  I'm not sure how they cook the rice but it's one of the best I've tasted.
  • Grilled Steak:  The Grilled Steak was excellent.  And for $12.50, it's a superb deal!!  The next time I have a hankering for steak, I coming back to Cafe Habana.  Plus, I'll take that rice over mashed potatoes any day.  Wait...did I really just write??  Wow.  I adore mashed potatoes...that's how good the rice is at Cafe Habana!
  • Huevos Rancheros A Caballo:  I know you can't see it, but there's a grilled steak underneath the eggs.  The Huevos Rancheros was good but it's more of a brunch dish for me than a dinner dish.
  • Baja Style Fish Tacos:  I don't really eat white fish (an allergy thing) so I didn't try this, but Foodette like it a lot.  If you're a fish taco fan, this may be the dish for you.
  • Maduros:  Ahh...sweet plantains!  No cuban meal is complete without it for me.  I love, Love, LOVE maduros!!  The sweet plantains could have been a bit softer and sweeter but it still did the trick for me.

5.25.2010 Sandal Up!! has a great selection of sandals on sale.  I found four fantastic gladiator sandals that I would wear all summer long.  They look like they would get more comfy with maybe I can replace my [fugly-ish] Birks with one of them?
  • Turn Me Loose Studded Suede Sandals ($171.50) from Joie in elephant:
  • Neve Zip Front Sandals with Studs ($113.40) from Dolce Vita in black:
  • Dalena Zipper Flat Sandals ($203) from Pour La Victoire in black:
  • Effie Huarache Flat Sandals ($96.60) from Dolce Vita in silver:  (Dolce Vita is just rocking it with the sandals this spring/summer!)
[Images Courtesy of]


Meatpacking District Sale Night: 6/10/10

Get your shopping shoes out!  On 6/10/10 (thurs), there will be a Meatpacking District Sale Night from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm.   Shop and drink your way through your favorite stores in the Meatpacking District!!  Sign up for the guest list through  The stores are fabulous, as are the discounts!!  (I'm not sure how strict they'll be with the guest it wouldn't hurt to sign up, KWIM?)  

Here are the participating stores and their discounts (and other offerings):
  1. Adam:  15% Off + Cocktails
    • 678 Hudson St
  2. Calypso:  20% Off + DJ
    • 654 Hudson St
  3. Catherine Malandrino: 25% + Cocktails
    • 652 Hudson St
  4. DDC Lab: 20% Off + Cocktails
    • 427 West 14th St
  5. Generra:  30% Off + Gift w/Purchase + Margaritas
    • 823 Washington St
  6. Helmut Lang:  20% Off
    • 819 Washington St
  7. Hugo Boss:  Up to 40% Off + Whisky Tasting
    • 401 West 14th St
  8. Moschino:  Up to 50% Off
    • 401 West 14th St
  9. Paige Premium Denim:  20%
    • 869 Washington St
  10. Poleci:  20% Off
    • 32 Gansevoort St
  11. Puma The Black Store: 15% Off
    • 421 West 14th St
  12. Red Market Salon:  25% Off Service and Retail
    • 32 Gansevoort St
  13. Revel:  20% Off Food and Beverages
    • 10 Little West 12th St
  14. Scoop Men:  15% Off
    • 873 Washington St
  15. Scoop NYC:  15% Off
    • 873 Washington St
  16. Solstice: $50 Off $195 + Gift w/Purchase
    • 48 9th Ave
  17. Theory:  20% Off
    • 40 Gansevoort St
  18. Tracy Reese:  25% Off + Champagne
    • 641 Hudson St
  19. Vince:  20% Off + Refreshments
    • 823 Washington St
  20. Yigal Azrouel:  10% Off
    • 408 West 14th St
The stores basically form one big circle:  
  • Start at the corner of Washington St and West 14th St and go down West 14th (toward the East side)' 
  • Make a right on Hudson St and go down Hudson St;
  • Make a right on Gansevoort St and go down Gansevoort St; and
  • Make a right on to Washington St and go down Washington St until you're back at the corner of Washington St and West 14th St.

Malin + Goetz: Foam Me Up Scottie!!

Malin + Goetz has this really cool self-foaming Detox Face Mask ($40) that may have replaced my long standing favorite face mask (Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask from Kiehl's).  It's soy based and...well who really cares?  It SELF-FOAMS and you face feels clean, refreshed and baby soft afterwards!!

I also like Malin + Goetz's foaming Grapefruit Face Cleanser ($30):

When I travel, I always bring my own bath products because you never know what you'll be getting from a hotel (except for Four the L'Occitane products).  This Malin + Goetz Essential Bag ($30) contains everything I need while I'm on-the-go:
[Images Courtesy of] is offering 20% off regular priced items with code "SUNNY20" (expires 5/25/10) and Malin + Goetz is NOT on the excluded list (code is not applicable to merchandise from A.P.C., Alexander Wang, Anthony Logistics for Men, Comme des Garcons Play, Converse, G-Star, Hudson Jeans, Hunter, Nixon, T by Alexander Wang and TOM Shoes)!!  Beauty discounts are much harder to come by than discounts for clothing/shoes/bags, so snap up these items before this promotion expires!!

5.23.2010 White + Warren On Super Sale! is offering an additional 30% off clearance items through 5/24/10.  I checked out the Cashmere selection in the Clearance Section and what did I find?  

White + Warren's cashmere scoop-neck sweater and cashmere drape-neck cardigan for only $61.25 (price reflects 30% discount)!!  This is not only better than sale section on, but this is also better than White + Warren Sample Sale prices!!  Sizes and colors are limited so check it out soon.  If you've been wanting a W+W cashmere sweater/cardigan, this is your best bet!!

Video Review: Tylie Malibu's Crystal Pyramid King

Here's my video review of Tylie Malibu's Crystal Pyramid King in grey.  This is a fantastic washed leather bag with crinkled finish.  It's super light and would make a great travel bag (thanks to a very comfy shoulder strap)!  The large outer zip pocket on the back of the bag would be perfect for your passport and plane ticket!  No more digging around in your bag when in line at the airport...

Special thanks to our sponsor:

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