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Food Therapy

Good food is as satisfying as a good sale. So from time to time (probably more than that because I'm a foodie and I love to eat), I'll be providing some food therapy. Be forewarned, I'm an adventurous eater with a HUGE sweet tooth. If you're in NYC, I hope you try some of these spots. If you do, LMK what you think. Bon appetit!

Video Reviews

While picture reveals of bags are nice. Video reviews of bags are better! As such, I will endeavor to post as many video reviews of bags as possible. However, I will only be reviewing bags that I like. Life is too short to review bags that I dislike. Plus, at the end of the day, it really is just a matter of personal opinion/taste.


Wanted: A New Skincare Routine!!

My perfect skincare routine is nothing but a sweet (and slightly bitter) memory.  Since I like to stockpile skincare products when they go on sale, I don't notice a discontinuance until it's too late.  Last night, I discovered that everything that I use (well...everything but two products) has been discontinued.  WTF??  It took a lot of time, effort, and money to find my perfect skincare routine.  And now I have to start over.

As I was going through the motions of my evening skincare routine yesterday, I finished off my last tube of Kiehl's Light, Nourishing Eye Cream and my last bottle of Kiehl's Lycopene Facial Moisturizing Lotion.  When I checked Kiehl's website, I was surprised to find that the Light, Nourishing Eye Cream had been discontinued.  I already knew that the Lycopene Facial Moisturizing Lotion had been discontinued, but I have been in major denial.

I've tried the majority of other eye creams from Kiehl's (Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado, Abyssine Eye Cream +, Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment and Imperial Repairateur Moisturizing Eye Balm) and none of them work for me.  Maybe La Prairie's Cellular Eye Contour Cream?  But I'm not feeling the jump from $23 to $125.  KWIM?

After reading about the much hyped CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, I purchased the evening version, CeraVe PM.  I hope it lives up to the rave reviews.  If that doesn't work out, I'm going to revert to Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer...a good but not perfect alternative.  (I know that everyone has been loving Kiehl's Acai line but I just can't stomach its strong scent.)

With discontinuance on my mind, I decided to check the status of my day moisturizer, La Prairie's Cellular Moisturizer SPF 15 (aka The Smart Cream).  And surprise, has been discontinued!  You can still purchase it in the "Final Call" section of, but I'd rather find a new day moisturizer that has not been discontinued than stockpile the discontinued one.  Stockpiling at this point just feels like counter-productive procrastination.  (And yes, I believe that there can be productive procrastination!)  

For me, The Smart Cream has been the PERFECT summer day moisturizer.  It's a light cream that doesn't clog my pores and doesn't make me "shiny." Despite the built-in SPF, it's neither sticky nor smelly.  It actually absorbs beautifully and has a soft, barely-there scent (a very important thing to me).  Hmm...maybe I should procrastinate and stockpile?

So what are the two beauty products that I use that have (yet) been discontinued?  Kiehl's Moisturizing Eye Stick SPF 30 and Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15.  But the discussion of these two products are for another post.

I'm going to have to make a trip to the beauty counter SOON and sample the eye creams and the face moisturizers.  I'll keep you posted on my progress...

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